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New York has no love for C. Utley, but lots of love for C. Yeager

The fans of New York have mixed feelings when it comes to those who wear the red pinstripes of the Philadelphia Phillies.

The New York fans heartily booed Chase Utley when he was introduced before last night's Home Run Derby. The stunned Utley responded by dropping an F-bomb, which was picked up by one of ESPN's microphones.

I think "Boo? F*** you" will be my fantasy team name next year.

At MLB's annual FanFest held this past weekend, these same fans were clamoring for autographs from someone donning a Philadelphia Phillies uniform. The problem is C. Yeager doesn't play for the Phillies, if fact he doesn't even play baseball. He is just some random guy that decided to go to FanFest dressed in a Phillies uniform and sign autographs for the kids. This went on for awhile before someone finally caught on and "C. Yeager" was escorted out.

Didn't Desi Relaford try this same stunt for most of the late 90's?

My favorite part is the lady whose kid is waiting in line for C. Yeager's autograph and is pissed because grownups are "going over top of him" (listen around the 1:30 mark). I also like the reaction from the kid that is next in line when he stops signing ("Why does it always happen to me?") and the confused guy in the Syracuse t-shirt at the beginning.

Read the full story at The Sporting News "The Sporting Blog".

FYI: "C. Yeager" is wearing a #16 Phillies jersey. #16 is currently worn by pitcher J.C. Romero.