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The best way to avoid addressing the criticisms is to write a blog that directly addresses the criticisms

The sports blogosphere has a new member: Mr. Peter Chiarelli. Chiarelli has been occasionally writing blog entries this off-season entitled "On Point with Peter" for the Bruins website.

So, I logged on to this morning to see what was going on over on Causeway St. and found a very interesting entry from Mr. Chiarelli. Chiarelli talks about his trip to Lake Placid to watch the U.S. Development Team and gives his thoughts on Brett Favre (as if we need another opinion on that) before giving us this contradictory statement regarding the backlash from the Michael Ryder deal:

"Finally, the last thing I wanted to give you my thoughts on was our free agent signing this year – Michael Ryder. I know in some circles we’ve been criticized for paying the money we paid to Michael. We saw him on numerous occasions (he being in the same division as us), and I’ve seen him on a number of occasions prior to that with Ottawa. He’s a player that we made an organizational decision on to bring into our mix, and I don’t feel the need to justify or to address the criticisms that we’ve been given on signing him. At the end of the day, as a management team, we’re judged on these decisions and we’ll be judged on this one. We were and are excited to get Michael, as he’s a young player who can score goals and competes hard. We feel he’s really going to fit into our mix, and we’re going to have some success with him."

Um, didn't you just address the criticisms by writing a blog justifying the decision to sign him?

Harvard, huh?