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Could Homeless World Cup be USA's best shot at soccer glory?

We have seen U.S. men's soccer teams fail to live up to expectations in both the '06 World Cup and the '08 Olympics. Will the U.S. ever be able to compete on the international level with the great soccer nations of the world? A team from the U.S. will have one more chance to prove that Americans can play soccer when they head to Melbourne, Australia in December to compete in the Homeless World Cup. A team of homeless men from all around the country will compete against the best soccer playing panhandlers and street performers in the world. So what are the chances that the U.S. brings home the hardware? Not very good actually. The U.S. team is currently ranked #36 in the world. You would think that a country with approximately 3 million homeless people could field a better team. Something needs to be done about this problem. We need to put an end to bad U.S. soccer.

No word on whether or not the '08 Homeless World Cup is serving as a tryout camp for the '10 U.S. World Cup team.