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Olympic Racewalking Live Blog

I will be writing a live blog for the Women's 20K Olympic Racewalking event at midnight (ET) using newfangled live blogging software from CoveritLive.

This is the Comcast program description for this event:
"Competitors must circle the track 50 times in the women's 20k walk. The rules for this event require that at least one foot remain on the ground at all times (Olympics)"

I like how they had to reassure viewers that this is in fact an Olympic sport.

This should be fun. Go watch some beach volleyball in the pouring rain then join me back here at 12:00 AM Eastern.

Ignore the "12 PM" time on the live blog. It's just a glitch with the software (I hope). I guess they just assumed that no one in their right mind would write a live blog about racewalking at midnight.