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The real story behind Blades

Melt Your Face Off is writing an ongoing series that delves into the personal lives of mascots from around the NHL. Last week MYFO featured Blades, the mascot of the Boston Bruins. MYFO accuses Blades of being a "notorious drinker". Now that I think about it, he does have the glassy-eyed, goofy grinned look of a drunk. Here is an excerpt from the piece:

"Blades’ motto is "less thinkin’, more drinkin’" and he lives by that creed to the point of absurdity.
In fairness to our subject, it’s not like Blades really had a fair shot in life and becoming a raging alcoholic was nearly a foregone conclusion for him. His father was the famous
Hamm’s Beer Bear, so his proclivity for the hooch should come as no surprise."

Melt Your Face Off has the whole story, including Blades' legendary pickup line.

UPDATE (11:32 AM): I have found video evidence that Blades may in fact like the hooch. At the end of the clip, is he trying to say "you guys are a bunch of drunks" or "where's my beer?". You decide.