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Is Jacobs more out of touch than we thought?

Jeremy Jacobs spoke with Dale & Holley on WEEI yesterday about some of the issues facing the Bruins organization. At one point, it appears that Jacobs mentions Milan Jurcina as being a prospect that the Bruins need to keep. The only problem: the B's traded Jurcina to the Washington Capitals nearly 2 years ago.

Hub Hockey has the audio from the interview, which I have broken down like the Zapruder Film. This is what I think Jeremy Jacobs says (although it was a little difficult to make out with all the stuttering and the thick Western New York accent):

"The biggest thing is you know you look at some of these kids coming on. We know that next year a lot of them will be out of ...will not be restricted and you have to accommodate them if you want to grow your organization. You got the Kessels of the world and other guys that are within their... Jur...Jurcina and those that are coming on that you got to save room for as they grow."

Check out the audio and listen if you hear the same thing I do. He makes this statement about 40% of the way through the interview.