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It's time for The Whale to migrate North

Photo Credit: AP (found via Yahoo! Sports)

Yesterday Greg Wyshynski wrote a story about filmmaker Kevin Massicotte's new short documentary "Bleeding Green" which chronicles Hartford Whalers fans as they try to cope with life long after the band stopped playing Brass Bonanza. Apparently these lost hockey souls have coped with the loss of The Whale by dressing up in Whalers pajamas and looking suspiciously like Tron Guy from Jimmy Kimmel fame. "Bleeding Green" makes it's Boston area premiere on September 28th at the Screening Room in Newburyport as part of the Newburyport Film Festival.

For those of you who have forgotten the Whalers, they are that team that used to play hockey in a shopping mall down in Connecticut. You may remember them as the team that you would occasionally catch on Sports Channel while waiting for a West Coast Celtics game to come on.

I have a solution for all those hockey fans in the Nutmeg State wishing for a return to the "glory days" of Pat Verbeek, Andrew Cassels, and Glen Wesley: migrate North and become a Bruins fan. Now is the time to jump on the Black & Gold bandwagon. I know the B's could never replace your beloved Whale, but it's still better than identifying yourself as a Hartford Wolfpack fan and way more respectable than being a Carolina Hurricanes fan. Don't lie, I know you have a half Whalers/ half Canes jersey hanging in your closet. The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem.

Hockey fans in Connecticut will have an opportunity to catch a taste of Bruins hockey today when the Baby B's take on the Lil' Islanders in Shelton, CT.

I am welcoming any Connecticut hockey fan who wants to jump on the Bruins bandwagon. Especially, these young ladies...