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A Letter Home from Camp Claude

Dear Mom & Dad,

I am having the best time ever at camp. I am catching up with old friends and make some new friends too. There are a few new kids this year. This kid Mike is new. I guess he went to camp in Montreal last year. I heard he got kicked out or something. This other kid Stephane keeps on bragging about when he won 2 Stanley Cups (no one really believes him). That kid Muzz isn't here this year. Nobody knows what happened to him. That kid Patrice who got knocked down and bumped his head last year is back. My buddy Timmy is back too. He is a nice kid, but he takes archery class a little too seriously. Timmy got a new mask. I think he made it in arts & crafts class. This kid Manny keeps trying to steal Timmy's top bunk. He says if he can't have it he is willing to share (which is kinda creepy). Manny says he went to this camp last year, but I don't remember him. Maybe he was the kid who skinned his knee and had to go home. Of course PJ is here again. He has been coming to camp forever. They might even make him a CIT this year. There was a fight at the little kid's camp the other day. I guess everyone is so tired of this Brad kid that started the fight at the little kid's camp that they made him move to the big kid's camp. I've got rifle class today, but I'm a little nervous because Blake is in my class. He is normally a great shot, but he can be a little wild. There is this other kid Dennis who was here last year too. Dennis keeps bragging about how he stole money from the camp's owner and is buying all the girls penny candy at the camp store. Albie and Z are back from the infirmary. Albie is back to his old ways and pushing everyone around. We even get to go on some field trips this year! Well, at least those of us who got our permission slips signed. We are going to Nova Scotia tomorrow (maybe someone up there will know what happened to Muzz). Then we are going to some lame hippie team-building thing in Vermont. It is probably a few days of trust falls and riding a zipline from the top of Z's shoulders. Well, I gotta go. Here are a few pictures I took.

- One Happy Camper

A clean sheet of ice at The Garden

Tim Thomas stretches as Marc Savard skates by

The players listen as Claude Julien goes over the plan on the whiteboard

Everyone's favorite radio interview Aaron Ward

Timmy just chillin'

Blades sobered up for long enough to take in some of practice

Tuuka Rask

The B's hope that these two can connect a few times this year

Rask makes a stop

Milan Lucic talks things over with Claude Julien

Julien addresses the players at the end of session #1

Zamboni time

The younger players in the second session wait patiently for the veterans before taking the ice

Jeff Penner fires a shot at Manny Fernandez

Zdeno Chara signs an autograph before session #2

Some of the rookies check out the big boys practice

Albie's back

Bergy's back

Patrice Bergeron

Blades looks confused

The B's are expecting big things from this group

Goalies Manny Fernandez, Kevin Regan, and Kevin Nastiuk

Claude Julien and the coaching staff address the second session players

Zdeno Chara and Shawn Thornton play fight at the end of practice

More rough-housing between Chara & Thornton