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Link Chowder

Serving up some of this week's best links from all over the newfangled interwebs:

David Ortiz reveals Jonathan Papelbon's cross dressing high school years [Comcast SportsNet]

Fitzy deals with the loss of TFB and prepares for the MFC era [Townie News]

This was written in February, but it seems more appropriate now. DJ Gallo of ESPN Page 2 ponders what Tom Brady's life would be like if Mo Lewis never injured Drew Bledsoe. [ESPN Page 2]

Howie Carr pisses off 90% of New England [found via Mass Hysteria]

Nick Gagalis of the New England Hockey Journal takes a look at the newly formed EPHL [NE Hockey Journal]

MLS player severely sprains ankle doing a back flip while celebrating a goal...that was disallowed (video below) [Real Salt Lake]