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More Pics from Day 1 of B's Rookie Camp

Levi Nelson AKA the hockey player named Levi that didn't impregnate Sarah Palin's daughter is the first one on the ice

The coaching staff goes over the X's & O's with the rookies

Southie's own Kevin Regan surveys the crowd in front of his net

Michael Hutchinson prepares for a shot as Brad Marchand looks on

Sshhh, be wery wery quiet. I'm huntin' Wabbit.

Kevin Regan makes a stop on Mikko Lehtonen as Yuri Cheremetiev looks on

Members of the legitimate media looking down at me from their ivory tower

The Zamboni clears the ice at the break

Players get ready for the second half of practice

Tempers flare between Brad Marchand & Jordan Knackstedt

Wacey Rabbit leads the rookies in a post-practice stretch