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My Quest for Blogging Glory & Pseudo Internet Fame

I have been selected to compete in the latest round of Hugging Harold Reynolds' prestigious Iron Ref competition. The concept of Iron Ref is simple. Each contestant must write a 150-300 word post about a common theme or "secret ingredient". This week I will be competing against Awful Announcing and Real Clear Sports, two very well established blogs. Clearly, I am the underdog in this one. That is why I am going to need your help. Starting Wednesday, my post along with the others will be up at Hugging Harold Reynolds. I would greatly appreciate it if you could vote for my post by leaving a comment saying how great my post was (if you liked it). If you think it was crap then vote for one of the other guys, but remember those fat cats don't care about you. It's time for change. Real change. Spare change. As in the spare change I will receive from the fine advertisers of Stanley Cup of Chowder from the minor bump in traffic I could potentially receive from my participation in this contest. I would like to wish my two worthy challengers good luck and remind my loyal fans to stay home and vote.