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NHL Coming Attractions: Northeast Division

In a world where concessions revenue is more important than wins and losses, one team constantly gets thrown out of their building by circus elephants. The Boston Bruins take to the road for an annual tradition and rite of passage, as they start yet another season with a two week road trip. Jeremy Jacobs and the Boston Bruins star in Road Trip presented by Delaware North and TD BankNorth Garden in association with Ringling Brothers and Barum & Bailey Circus.

In a dreary city filled with horribly unattractive accents, one team that used to be the class of the league has dumped all their talent except for one man. Ryan Miller is Home Alone.

One team was tired of getting pushed around, so they went out and found a hired gun to protect their fragile skill players. Georges Laraque is The Enforcer.

One team seemed destined for greatness, but somehow have veered off course. One man was brought on board to help right the ship. Craig Hartsburg is The New Guy.

In a city that is supposed to be the epicenter of North American hockey, one team has given up hope and written the season off before it even starts. The Toronto Maple Leafs star in Loser.