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"State of the Bruins" Wrap Up

The Bruins held their annual propaganda spew "State of the Bruins" Town Hall Meeting last night. I wasn't at the meeting, but this is what I gather.

- A Winter Classic game at Fenway is very likely.

- Chara is "really, really big".

- Jeremy Jacobs had the audacity to compare himself to Robert Kraft.

- Ryder needs to feel important to be productive. (oh, great)

- Don't expect too much from Manny Fernandez.

- Chara thinks PJ Axelsson has crazy hair.

- Cam Neely works for the Bruins. You guys remember Cam right?

- The B's have a new third jersey that they leaked about 6 months ago.

- Jeremy Jacobs wants you to forget about Harry Sinden and Mike O'Connell.

- Chiarelli thinks Wheeler, Hunwick, Lashoff, Karsums, and Thompson could all potentially contribute to the big club at some point this season.

- Chara's shoulder isn't 100%

- Ticket prices are now even higher.

For more in-depth coverage of last night's meeting check out Bruins Blog or The Bear Essentials.

UPDATE (2:30 PM): The guys over at Hub Hockey attended last night's event and have written a piece about it from a fan's prospective. They also have an extensive photo gallery from the event.