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The Hooking Minors are looking good

I wasn't going to do fantasy hockey this year. Most of my close friends aren't into hockey enough to actually want to follow it day in and day out for 7 months. I definitely didn't want to join a public league full of 12 year olds who would stop paying attention to their teams by the second week of the season. Kids these days with their short attention spans and fancy Ataris. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, fantasy hockey. So, I thought that I was going to sit this year out until my buddy Wes asked me to join his D.C. area fantasy league. I guess they couldn't find enough puckheads South of the Mason-Dixon to fill the league.

Apparently these Mid-Atlantic clowns couldn't get their act together for the start of the NHL season, so my league doesn't start until next week. Last night, we finally had our live online draft, which probably about half the teams showed up for. I was lucky enough to get the first pick AKA The Ovechkin Sweepstakes. Which probably angered most of the league that this Yankee Northerner came in and swooped up the one player they had heard of. Landing Ovechkin was just the beginning of a great draft for me.

2008-2009 Hooking Minors Roster

LW Alexander Ovechkin
C Eric Staal
RW Daniel Alfredsson
C/LW Patrick Sharp
C Patrice Bergeron
RW Brad Boyes
C Mike Ribeiro
RW Michael Ryder
LW Daniel Carcillo

Andrei Markov
Duncan Keith
Braydon Coburn
Johnny Oduya

Henrik Lundqvist
Ryan Miller
Pascal Leclaire

I think that is a pretty soild roster. There are only 8 teams in the league, but still. I probably overlooked getting a top name D-Man, but there were some legit scorers that had dropped that I had to grab.