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How many points will the B's finish with this year?

I was checking out Japers' Rink (an awesome hockey blog that focuses mostly on the Caps) today and they had a post with the latest prop bets and futures from for the upcoming season involving the Washington Capitals.

This made me wonder what the props and futures looked like for the Bruins. Unfortunately, there aren't any cool player props like the number of times Milan Lucic beats a guy up for calling him a hunchback or how long it takes before Tuuka Rask is the starting goalie in Boston. They did however have a future bet for how many points the Bruins would finish with. The over/under for total number of points for the Bruins is set at 91.5. The Bruins finished with 94 points last season. Do you think the B's will finish with over or under 91.5 points?