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Joe Sakic supports the "despicable" Manny Ramirez

Apparently Joe Sakic and Tim McCarver are on different sides of the fence when it comes to Manny Ramirez. Sakic told Mark Kiszla of The Denver Post that his ideal World Series scenario would be to see Manny Ramirez hit a game-winning home run to lift the Dodgers over the Red Sox in the ninth inning of Game 7...

"Captain Joe fantasized about his perfect World Series matchup, a dream he had apparently experienced in high definition and committed to memory, down to every last Technicolor detail.

'Game 7. Fenway Park. Top of the ninth. With the bases loaded and the Dodgers down by three runs, wouldn't it be great if Manny Ramirez came to the plate?' Sakic said.

And then his dream got really good.

Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon fires two strikes past Ramirez, condemned as a traitor by Red Sox Nation. The fans rise to their feet, leaning into the pitcher's next delivery, with another championship so close everybody can taste it.

Just one problem: With one mighty swing, Man-Ram swats the baseball so hard over the Green Monster that cheers catch in the stunned throats of proper Bostonians. Their Sox are knocked off with a dramatic grand slam by Ramirez.

'I would love to see the BoSox lose,' Sakic said, with the same mischievous glee shared by every baseball fan whose favorite team was eliminated from the pennant chase before the Fourth of July."

Look out Avs fans, if things aren't going well this season, Joe might just pack it in like his baseball hero and try to get traded. Oh wait, nobody is in the market for a 39 year-old has-been who is making $6 million.

[H/T to Bruins Blog]