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Link Chowder 10/10

Serving up the best links of the week from all across the newfangled interwebs:

Famous puck bunnies and the women that Sean Avery dates in a futile effort to prove that he isn't gay [FanIQ]

The worst sports fan tattoos ever, including a butchered rendition of Pat the Patriot [gibbs12 found via SportsbyBrooks]

Steve Dangle, the kid that did the awesome Mats Sundin at the drive thru video and the NHL team previews on YouTube has a new website [Hockeytube]

Gabe from The Jumbotron apparently is not a big fan of BU alum Freddy Meyer or the Michael Ryder signing, but he loves burritos, replica jerseys of third line centers, Bobby Higginson, and the Detroit Tigers [The Jumbotron]

Dennis Eckersley talks about his mullet signature long flowing locks [Big League Stew]

Could the New York Islanders bail out the U.S. economy? [Melt Your Face Off]