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Link Chowder 10/17

Serving up the best links of the week from all across the newfangled interwebs:

This guy is the definition of ringer [Barstool Sports]

GHABBY reminds us that the origins of the Rayhawk can be traced back to the fat guy from The Nasty Boys [Mass Hysteria]

Bill Simmons' mailbag is back [ESPN Page2]

The Barry Melrose Coach-O-Meter 3000 [Barry Melrose Rocks]

Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks slaughters a cow mascot and cooks up some steak and cheese. I'm guessing that the cow was a metaphor for former coach Denis Savard. [H/T to Eat Drink or Die found via Puck Daddy ]

See more recipes and videos at Eat Drink or Die

You may remember that I mentioned a few months ago how Alex Ovechkin was appearing in a music video for some Russian pop star. Well, your long wait is over. The video features some sort of a prison, a room full of what I can only assume are Russian hookers, a rain machine, and #8 eating out of a dog dish [H/T to Tuvanhillbilly for the video]

Have a good weekend. Go Sox! ... If the Red Sox end up pulling off the ALCS win, it will be interesting to see which size batteries the fans in Philly decide to chuck at J.D. Drew.