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Link Chowder 10/3

Serving up the best links of the week from all across the newfangled interwebs:

The Guys from The Jumbotron do a guest spot on Melt Your Face-Off to provide a ridiculously wordy yet hilarious Bruins preview. Welcome to the B's blogosphere boys. [Melt Your Face-Off]

Pats backup QB Kevin O'Connell gets reassuring notes taped to his wristband [Barstool Sports]

Brian Scalabrine talks about the crappers at The White House and his political aspirations [Perk is a Beast]

Fear not balcony dwellers, the Bruins Trade Threat Level has been lowered to Creamsicle Orange [Hub Hockey]

Fitzy and a foul-mouthed fake Sarah Palin talk Fantasy Football [Townie News]

My worthy opponent Ryan Hudson from RCS uncovers the literary genius that is Marshawn Lynch [Real Clear Sports]

Sean Avery calls out the legendary Don Cherry [The Two-Line Pass]