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Playoffs? You're talking about playoffs?

Yes ghost of Jim Mora's career, I'm talking about playoffs. To be more specific, I am talking about the Iron Ref Finals. I got an email this morning from The Chief over at Hugging Harold Reynolds alerting me to be ready for the Finals:

You bragged to everyone. You believed every word of the hype and lived with reckless abandon - indulging in everything someone with your new status and fame could ever know or want. Simply put, you lived the life of an Iron Ref.

But somewhere, between the late nights of debauchery and the full days of blogging excellence, you knew something was missing. Some deep, visceral feeling that you were never meant to rest on your laurels* - no - you were born to compete.

HHR is happy to announce our own fall classic has arrived: the 2008 Ultimate Iron Ref.

The lot is made of the 10 winners and 2 'wild cards' selected by HHR staff who we feel will inject the spirit of competition needed to keep everyone at the top of their games.

WEEK 1: Dewey Hammond (Yard Barker)
WEEK 2: Rob Iracane (Walk Off Walk)
WEEK 3: DMtShooter (Five Tool Tool)
WEEK 4: Grimey (LOL Jocks)
WEEK 5: Jeff Pyatt (Real Clear Sports)
WEEK 6: Brian A. Bassett (The Jets Blog)
WEEK 7: Michael Rand (RandBall)
WEEK 8: Sean Leahy (Going Five Hole)
WEEK 9: Russianator (3 Idiots on Sports)
WEEK 10: Evan (Stanley Cup of Chowder)
WILD CARD: Lady Andrea (Bugs & Cranks, Ladies...)

WILD CARD: Scott Sargent (WFNY)

The format will be the same, and much like the 'regular season' this will feel eternal. Names will be randomly drawn to group you and we will do our best to accommodate your schedules if there is a conflict.

Sometime over the next four weeks, your number will be called, and you will once again walk into the bright lights of our own Kitsch-en Stadium. Congratulations, welcome back, and good luck to you all.

It begins.... now.

-the chief

*except for the night when you brought two chicks named Laurel back home. That. Was. Awesome.

I don't know when my match is going to be yet or who I am up against. All I know is that it's going down in the next four weeks. I'm just glad I don't have to go up against Spanish from Old School. That cat can blog.