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Puck Picks: Take Two

OK, so my advice wasn't the best last week. Both teams ended up losing one goal games. I probably should have known better than to pick games played overseas. I'm trying to redeem myself after last week's dismal 0-2 start. Even after leading you astray last week, my advice still has to be a better investment option than the stock market right now.

There are 7 games to choose from on the NHL schedule tonight. Normally, I would steer clear of visiting teams on opening night, but there are a couple of enticing moneylines tonight.

Montreal (-105) @ Buffalo
The Habs are a little bit banged up right now, but anytime you can get the Habs as an underdog is a good thing. The Habs high-powered offensive will prove to be too much for the Sabres.

Washington (-135) @ Atlanta
Ovechkin will play despite his mystery injury and will probably score. The red light behind Kari Lehtonen will be on so many times that he will have a sunburn to match the ones sported by most of his team's fan base.

I hope everyone has a fun Columbus Day weekend! Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers North of the border!