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Things I am thankful for

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Apparently, It is Canadian Thanksgiving. Since I have nothing better to write about, I thought I would say all the things that I am thankful for. There is nothing that I love more than obscure Canadian holidays (only 73 more days 'til Boxing Day!) and lazy gimmicky blog posts.

I am thankful that I live in the greatest sports city in North America

I am thankful that I am not a fan of the Cubs, Mets, or Brewers... or Toronto Maple Leafs (sorry to ruin your Thanksgiving Toronto, but it's true, the Leafs' season already peaked on opening night)

I am thankful that the NHL salary cap has forced Montgomery Burns Jeremy Jacobs and the Bruins to spend money on players. Now, if they could only spend money on the right players and lower ticket prices. One step at a time, I guess.

I am thankful that the 2008 Presidential Election has provided bloggers with comedy gold.

I am thankful that the Rays-Sox series is back in Boston and no longer inside that pinball machine in St. Pete.

I am thankful that I am better at math than Joe Maddon.

I am thankful that I can finally start writing about hockey games that matter.

I am thankful that Christopher Columbus made a mistake 516 years ago so I could play golf, drink beer, and watch sports all weekend.

I am thankful that I remembered to sit an inactive player on my fantasy football team....oh, wait

I am thankful that my friend Nick told me that the special ed ultimate frisbee team that he coaches is called the Bipolar Bears. You can't make this stuff up.

I am thankful that I haven't been taking my own advice from my Puck Picks.

I am thankful for the Milwaukee Admirals for providing us with the best third jersey in hockey.

I am thankful for all the support I got during my Iron Ref match up. Stay tuned for details about the finals.