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What's the deal Habs fans?

OK, I can understand booing Michael Ryder every time he touched the puck last night. It was his first game back in Montreal since signing with the rival Boston Bruins. I get that, but why boo Zdeno Chara every time he touches the puck in a regular season game in October? This practice of booing Chara every time he gets the puck has gone on for years now. I have heard many different reasons for why: everything from "he boarded Kovalev one time" to "it throws him off his game". So, what's the deal Habs fans? What is the REAL reason? Do you not like the way he treats your diving divas? Is it because he has a better command of the English language than you? Is it because he is the captain of your bitter rivals? Did he have sex with all of your girlfriends and now you are planning to take him down like Tim Meadows in "The Ladies Man"? What's the deal Habs fans? I would really like to know.

Pourquoi vous boo Zdeno Chara chaque fois qu'il touche le galet ?