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Don't Forget to Vote

This week you will cast the most important vote of your life. So much is at stake right now and every vote counts. I'm of course talking about my bid to win the Iron Ref Finals, but I guess that whole Presidential Election thing is kind of important too

This week, I am up against DMtShooter from Five Tool Tool and The Russianator from 3 Idiots on Sports. Let's take a minute to look at the backgrounds of these two candidates. DMtShooter cares so little about the democratic process that he has placed wagers on the Presidential Election as if it were a cock fight. A vote for this man is a vote for more of the same Top 10 lists. The other candidate is a self-described idiot who hates America so much that he chooses to be called the Russianator despite the fact that he "is neither Russian nor an 'ator'." The Russianator has encouraged his constituents to engage in voter fraud. Are these the type of men you want to cast your vote for?

The posts will be up at Hugging Harold Reynolds sometime either tonight or tomorrow followed by two days of voting. Remember to include my first name or "Stanley Cup of Chowder" in your comment to vote. You will need to use a login for your vote to count. You can use either your gmail address or AIM screen name along with a few others.

I'm Evan and I approved this message. Paid for by Chowdah Heads for Spare Change.