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Soup du Jour: "Today we have a nice Steve Ott is a Despicable Piece of Garbage Link Chowder"

AP Photo/Mary Schwalm

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend. Between celebrating in the greatest Halloween city in the World and taking advantage of the free fire water at Connecticut Indian casinos, I didn't have much time to chime in on the cowardly play of Steve Ott and the Dallas Stars on Saturday night. Fortunately everyone else who has ever written about hockey has chimed in on the situation.

John Bishop commends the B's for sticking up for each other [Boston Bruins Official Website]

FMRA goes on a profanity-laced rant against Steve Ott and places a bounty on his head [Mass Hysteria]

Cameron from The Jumbotron managed to live blog from The Garden press box without getting thrown out [The Jumbotron]

Hub Hockey has the YouTube video of Saturday night's events with a timeline for your viewing pleasure [Hub Hockey]

Fluto chimes in and calls Ott out for refusing to drop the gloves [ Globe]

John from The Jumbotron questions why Steve Ott got so much ice time and ruins a great post with a Alanis Morrissette reference in the title [The Jumbotron]

The Dallas Stars "are bursting at the seams like some Under Armour knockoff made in Bangladesh". [Puck Daddy]

Eric McErlain compares Mike Modano to Ned Braden of Slap Shot fame [NHL FanHouse]

Steve Ott will never have Mumbles Menino's corner office [Bob's Blog]

Revo Boulanger inducts Steve Ott into the "Weasel-S&*!" hall of fame" [bleacher report]

Are the Dallas Stars this year's '07-'08 Ottawa Senators? [Here Come the Bruins!]

"Those two spend so much time in the penalty box together, they probably qualify for a common law marriage."- Hockey Journal scribe Matt Kalman on Steve Ott and Sean Avery [New England Hockey Journal]

Mike Modano finds Steve Ott annoying, while many question how Ott's wife can stand him [Knee Jerk City]

Some "suburban mom" thinks that if Steve Ott and Sean Avery keep this up "Matty Niskanen isn't going to be a pretty little boy anymore" (as Jack Edwards pointed out the other night)....make sure you read the comments where someone repeatedly calls Marc Savard "Harvard". [Laughs2Loud]