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We Goin' to the 'Ship!

It looks like the Cinderella story continues for Stanley Cup of Chowder in Iron Ref. Thanks to the overwhelming support of the Chowdah Heads, I was able to pull off another upset and move on to the final four.

First, I want to congratulate my two worthy challengers for turning out excellent posts. Both The Russianator from Three Idiots on Sports and DMtShooter from Five Tool Tool wrote great entries.

Thanks to everyone who voted or helped spread the word. Thank you to everyone that harassed their friends with emails and texts. A special thanks is owed to the other blogs that took up my cause: Hub Hockey, The Jumbotron, and Cornelius Hardenburgh & The Hockey Blogging Adventure. Also, thank you to the crew over at Mass Hysteria for letting me hijack their comments section and for FMRA's half-hearted endorsement.

I'm not sure if the next round will be the finals with 4 bloggers competing in a winner take all match or two one-on-one semi-finals. At any rate, it should happen within the next 3 or 4 weeks, so stay tuned for details.