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Worcester Signs Pain in the Ass Old Man

Worcester is quickly becoming the place where NHL careers go to die. The Canadian Press is reporting that the San Jose Sharks have signed 43-year-old Claude Lemieux to a tryout contract. The visored vermin is expected to report to San Jose's AHL affiliate, the Worcester Sharks sometime this week.

Lemieux has been out of the NHL since 2003. He played briefly for a Swiss team during the 2003-2004 season before hanging up the skates, presumably for good. After five years of retirement, Lemieux decided to try and make a comeback. He recently signed with the China Sharks of the Asia League and appeared in two games.

During his NHL playing days, Claude Lemieux earned the repuation of being a douche bag agitator. TSN named Lemieux the "most hated player in the NHL in recent memory". Claude Lemieux developed a reputation as being a guy who loved to throw cheap shots, but didn't like to drop the gloves and be accountable for his actions on the ice. Lemieux is probably known best around these parts for "turtling" and refusing to drop the gloves during a fight with Cam Neely.