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Boxing Day

What better way to celebrate Boxing Day then by taking a look back at some of the more memorable fights of the season?

Shawn Thornton vs. Georges Laraque (10/15)

Gotta give Thornton credit for dropping 'em with Big Georges.

B's vs. Steve Ott, Sean Avery, & the Cowardly Stars (11/1)

Andrew Ference vs. Sean Avery

"He wants to tear that guy limb from limb! ... and who wouldn't want to see that?"- Jack Edwards

Shawn Thornton vs. Krys Barch

Line Brawl

"Matty Niskanen is not gonna be a pretty little boy anymore!"

The Stars game was definitely a turning point for the B's.
Before: 5-3-3
Since: 20-2-1

Milan Lucic vs. Michael Komisarek (11/13)

This one had been brewing for a long time. Milan Lucic made a statement in a statement game for the B's. This game proved that the Bruins were going to be a competitive force in the Northeast Division.

Milan Lucic vs. Nick Boynton (11/21)

Looch threw 'em hard. Boynton took a beating, but managed to stay on his feet

Milan Lucic vs. Brendan Witt (11/28)

You don't often see a fight break out immediately following a goal, at least not before the next puck drop.

Shawn Thornton vs. Eric Boulton (12/12)

No clear winner in this one, but a good bout between a couple of guys that like to throw haymakers.

Zdeno Chara vs. Boris Valabik (12/13)

This fight showed that the captain is willing to stand up for his teammates...even if it means 17 minutes in the box in a one goal game.

Shawn Thornton vs. Michael Rupp (12/23)

Thornton took exception to Rupp's questionable hit on Dennis Wideman. Shawn Thornton did his job and Rupp answered the bell. This was a great example of the players working things out on the ice the right way. Instead of someone on the B's taking a dangerous cheap shot in retaliation, Thornton and Rupp settled things.