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Whale Watch '08 Sightings

I was a little disappointed in the outcome of Whale Watch '08. I thought I would have had more sightings, although I did have some quality finds:

New England Whalers Jersey (15 points)
Ron Francis Jersey (5 points)
Kevin Dineen Jersey (5 points)
Unidentifiable Jersey (3 points)
Circa 1986 Whalers Winter Jacket (1 point)

Total: 29 points

Most of the photos I took looked like pictures of Bigfoot sightings. Something with the lighting or my camera settings was a little off. I did get this picture of a guy in a green Ron Francis jersey though. If you look closely, you can see a guy in a white Whalers jersey behind him (I think that was my Kevin Dineen sighting). I also like the guy that looks like he is passed out in the first row.

If you went to the game on Saturday and you have pictures of people rocking Whalers gear in or around the Garden, shoot me an email at