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Iron Ref Semi Finals

My quest for blogging glory and pseudo internet fame continues this week. Thanks to your overwhelming support, I was able to pull off another upset last round and advance to the Final Four. My semi final match begins Tuesday morning over at Hugging Harold Reynolds.

Things are a little different this round. Instead of just having readers vote, the HHR crew has assembled a team of celebrity judges to give their opinion.

Iron Ref Celebrity Judges

AJ Daulerio, Deadspin Editor
Matt Ufford, With Leather & Kissing Suzy Kolber
Dewey Hammond, Yardbarker

Fear not Chowdah Heads, your voice will still be heard. You can still vote in the comments section starting Tuesday morning. Your votes along with the input of the panel of judges will determine the winner.

This Week's Challenger: Jeff Pyatt, Real Clear Sports

Jeff Pyatt, managing editor of RealClearSports, is a former biochemist turned political flak turned sports blogger. As a college pitcher, he holds a claim for worst player in NCAA history, bringing his ERA down from infinity to a more respectable 27.00. Pyatt currently resides in Arlington, Virginia, where he spends most of his idle time at the batting cage in hopes of becoming the Baltimore Orioles next third basemen.

Jeff's Road to the Final Four

Round 1: Jeff tried desperately to appeal to the college crowd by writing a long-winded, uninspired story about beer pong and pissed off an entire nation in the process. (Ed. Note: I have no beef with you, Canada. You have brought us the great game of ice hockey and some potent yet delicious beers. I am encouraging all my readers from north of the border to come out and vote on Tuesday.)

Round 2: Jeff had a pretty easy road to the Final Four in his second round match. Former Deadspin Comment Ombudsman and co-writer of Walkoff Walk, Rob Iracane "threw in the towel" and DQ'd himself. Meanwhile, fellow puckhead Sean Leahy didn't bring his usual "A" game. In round 2, Jeff advocated domestic violence against women, praised Bobby Knight, trotted out a tired "Office Space" reference, and used the phrase "Make it rain bee-yatch".

Adding Fuel to the Fire: I defeated Jeff's fellow RCS blogger Ryan Hudson in a very close first round matchup.

Jeff Pyatt is good, but he is no Spanish from "Old School". I've said it before but..damn, that cat can blog!