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See Ya Next Year!

I am heading up to the mountains for a few days to ring in the New Year and hopefully celebrate an Iron Ref Championship with some slopeside shenanigans. Unfortunately, I won't be able to do a hungover Winter Classic live blog, but Puck Daddy has you covered for that. I will probably start posting again on Sunday. I wasn't planning on doing a "Best of '08" thing, but I guess I will just so you have something to read while I am gone.

Stanley Cup of Chowder's Best Servings of '08 (in no particular order)

Ways the B's can stop Ovechkin tomorrow night

Aaron Ward gives Stanley Cup of Chowder his seal of approval

Why you should vote for Aaron Ward

A Day in the Life of Peter Schaefer

Last Minute Costume Ideas for the Boston Bruins

New England Hockey Field Trip: Worcester Sharks

B's Doppelgangers

Straight from the zebra's mouth

Is Jacobs more out of touch than we thought?

A Letter Home from Camp Claude

NHL Coming Attractions:

Bring Back Dale

Olympic Racewalking Live Blog

Beijing 2008 Olympics All-Name Team

Little League World Series Drinking Game

NHL drops the ball

Chiarelli: "Take Off, Eh Hossa!"

2009 is going to a big year for Stanley Cup of Chowder. Be sure to check back here in the next few weeks for a major announcement.