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Whale Watch '08

I have been to a few Bruins-Hurricanes games in the past and I am always amazed at how many pathetic losers Hartford hockey historians you see wearing Whalers jerseys and cheering for the Hurricanes. I have never had one of my hometown teams up and leave town (the Pats potential move to St. Louis was the closest), so I don't know how I would react, but I don't think that I would continue to support a franchise that turned their back on their fans.

If you are heading out to the Garden tomorrow, here is a fun game you can play with your friends walking around on the concourse before the game. It is pretty much a scavenger hunt, but I am calling it a whale watch because I am so damn witty and clever. Here is how it works, you get the following points depending on how rare the Whalers jersey you spot is:

20 Points
Half Canes/Half Whalers Jersey
Ulf Samuelsson (I would like to see who has the balls to wear that jersey to the Garden)
Jack Carlson
Steve Carlson
Dave Hanson

15 Points
New England Whalers Jersey

10 Points
Any member of the Howe family
Paul Coffey
Jeff Reese
Glen Featherstone
Michael Nylander
Frank Pieterangelo
Kay Whitmore
Bobby Holik
Jean-Sebastion Giguere
Douga Houda
Joel Quenneville
Tiger Williams
Dave Semenko
Ken Holland
Gordie Roberts

5 Points
Ron Francis
Glen Wesley
Geoff Sanderson
Keith Primeau
Andrew Cassels
Brendan Shanahan
Sean Burke
Jeff O'Neil
Kevin Dineen
Pat Verbeek
Chris Pronger
Brad McCrimmon
Robert Kron
Adam Burt
Randy Cunneyworth
Ray Ferraro
Dave Babych
Sylvain Turgeon
Sylvain Cote
John Anderson

3 Points
Any Other Player Jersey

2 Points
Blank Jersey (no name on back)

1 Point
Other Whalers Article of Clothing

I will be going to the game, but I probably won't play the scavenger hunt game, because well it's kind of lame, but it did make for a decent post. I will try to remember to take a few photos of fans wearing Whalers jerseys. If you are heading out to the Garden, snap a few pics of people rocking Whalers gear and send them to with your first name and hometown and I will post your pics on my site and give you the credit. If you do decide to play the whale watch game, send me your high score and I will post that as well.

Oh, I almost forget...

What would a Whalers post be without a little "Brass Bonanza"?