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What the kids are Googling

From time to time, I like to keep track of the traffic on Stanley Cup of Chowder using Google Analytics. Often times, I am surprised at the search terms that result in traffic to my site. Here are some of my all-time favorite search terms for Stanley Cup of Chowder:

"blake wheeler my bra"

"250 lb daughter"

"bledsoe cup"

"boston bruins blades mascot drunk"

"byrd is a devout christian who is also addicted to pornography"

"chowder killing games" ???

"chowder on crack"

"destinee hooker"

"gomes likes sweaty balls"

"jockstrap waistbands"

"man with cup in ass" ???

"puck slut costume"

"steve carlson hanson brother cock"

"steve ott jerk"

"submitted braless video"

"the stock market is dropping faster than marian hossa"

"turn your head and cough"

"what is in lil wayne's cup"

"why is peter schaefer is the ahl" (I think Shaefer may have googled this one)

"aaron ward sluts"


"xxx ass to man"