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Bruins head to the desert to skate with the Coyotes

The Bruins are out in the desert to play the mirage of a hockey team known as the Phoenix Coyotes. I'm away for the weekend, so instead of posting an outdated game preview, I figured I would mail it in and just post my usual obligatory embarrassing YouTube fan video. Since the Coyotes only have about a dozen fans, that was a bit of tough task. Sure there were a few videos of a fake jumbotron noise meter, the butt rock stylings of Creed, and a sea of empty seats, but I figured those 12 die-hard 'Yotes fans have suffered enough. One those 12 fans is OdinMercer from Five For Howling, who probably picked up the slack for me and wrote an in-depth of this game.  

Stanley Cup of Chowder Public Skate open thread will start at 8:30 (game starts at 9:00).