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Just checking in....early season thoughts and a new topic for discussion

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     Haven't posted in a while, hope all the chowder heads aren't getting too worried about our boys in black and gold.  To say that the team has been inconsistent would be a gross understatement.  But please keep in mind people that we are only on game 6 of the regular season.  I believe the Bruins are too good, too talented, and too well coached to play this poorly long into the season.  I love the way the 4th line has been playing, from my view Morris has been solid, and I think Michael Ryder and Marc Savard have looked fantastic. 

     Now on to more recent developments, specifically the Chuck Kobasew trade.  I think Peter Chiarelli made a very strong move here.  Kobasew had a very heavy cap hit, and let's face it, is a pretty common player in today's NHL.  How many players could you find across the league that could give you the production that Kobasew did?  And the fact that Chiarelli got a 2nd round pick for him, as well as the 2 prospects is really icing on the cake for me.  Package that with the other 8 draft picks the Bruins have in the 1st and 2nd round in the next 2 drafts and I really can't wait to see what happens at this years trade deadline!

     Now in substitute of my usual top 5, I figured I would change it up a bit with a new sort of top 5.  What would your all-time bruins line be of players that YOU have SEEN play.

Andy Moog

Ray Bourque     Zdeno Chara

Sergei Samsonov     Marc Savard     Cam Neely