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Ference to be replaced as Bruins player rep

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According to several reports, Bruins defenseman and NHLPA players' representative Andrew Ference will not return as the team's player rep. Ference was criticized by many around the league including Hall of Famer Brad Park for his role in the firing of former NHLPA head Paul Kelly.  

Ken Campbell of The Hockey News is reporting that Ference did not seek re-election for the position out of embarrassment that he would not be be voted back by his teammates. According to Campbell, Mark Stuart will take over as the team's union rep with Patrice Bergeron serving as alternate player rep. Campbell mentioned that Mark Recchi stated his desire to run for election for Ference's position. I'm not sure if that was typo or he was referring to Stuart. I'm just glad that Ken Campbell didn't write the reading comprehension section of my SATs. Matt Kalman of The Bruins Blog with Matt Kalman interpreted it to mean that Recchi was named the player rep and even went as far as to misquote Campbell to try to make sense of  the original Hockey New piece.   

TSN's Darren Dreger is also reporting that Ference will be out as the Bruins player rep, but he has a slightly different take. While Campbell reported that the vote has already taken place and Mark Stuart (or Mark Recchi, depending on how you interpreted Campbell's piece) will be the player rep, Dreger has Stuart and Dennis Wideman both vying for the gig.