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Link Chowder 10/9

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Serving up the best links of the week from all across the newfangled interwebs

The Bruins' play makes the kids vomit [Barstool Sports]

Sideshow Bob is up to his old antics [Yahoo! Sports]

Sounds like there might be a little tension in the Sens' room [TSN]

Several fans hurt in escalator accident after St. Louis Blues game [Fox 2 St. Louis]

...No word if this girl had anything to do with it [YouTube]

A look at access vs. creativity for hockey bloggers [Puck the Media]

James Mirtle questions whether Milan Lucic can live up to his new contract [From The Rink]

Nucks Misconduct wears the Canucks' label as "most annoying NHL fan base" as badge of honor [Nucks Misconduct]

Have a safe and happy Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!