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Boxing Day Poll: Who is the best Bruins fighter of the last decade?

With it being Boxing Day and all and since we are on the verge of closing out the decade, I thought we would take a look at some of the best Black & Gold pugilists of the aughts. Between the lockout and Mike Sullivan handcuffing his players, there is a bit of a gap between the early decade and the late decade, but there were still plenty of guys that could throw hands over the past 10 years. See Below for some clips and stats of the candidates (all stats from regular season 1999-2009) and the poll question.

Ken Belanger 77 Games between 1999-2001, 11 Fighting Majors, 165 PIMs

Andrei Nazarov 110 Games between 2000-2002, 57 Fighting Majors, 364 PIMs

Dennis Bonvie 23 Games between 2001-2002, 12 Fighting Majors, 84 PIMs

P.J. Stock 130 Games between 2001-2004, 32 Fighting Majors, 282 PIMs

Krzysztof Oliwa 33 games between 2002-2003, 12 Fighting Majors, 110 PIMs

Dan LaCouture 55 Games betwen 2005-2006, 9 Fighting Majors, 53 PIMs

Colton Orr 21 Games between 2003-2006, 5 Fighting Majors, 27 PIMs

Jeremy Reich 90 Games between 2006-2008

Milan Lucic 159 Games between 2007-2009, 24 Fighting Majors, 238 PIMs

Shawn Thornton 171 Games between 2007-2009, 38 Fighting Majors, 258 PIMs