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Fenway ice is ready to go for NHL Winter Classic

Special Thanks to Travis Hughes of Broad Street Hockey for the Photo

I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to skate on the ice at Fenway Park this afternoon. The media was invited to skate at the old ballyard with alumni from the Bruins and Flyers. Ken Hodge joined former Flyers Dave "The Hammer" Schultz and Joe Watson as they took a twirl on the Fenway ice. Johnny "Pie" McKenzie and Derek Sanderson were also in attendance, but did not skate. 

The ice seems to be in good shape and ready for the game on Friday for the 2010 NHL Winter Classic. The ice was as smooth as anything you will skate on at your local rink. It did feel a bit harder than what I am used to skating on, but that is to be expected in 10 degree weather.

Hopefully, the snow and rain can hold off to keep the ice in great shape.

Video of the Event:


Some Observations from Today's Event:

- There are going to be some bad seats for Friday's game. The ice is raised up at least a foot off the ground. It will be tough to see the puck from many of the field box seats.

- A banner has been put in place on the right field roof with retired numbers from both the Red Sox and Bruins.

- The AL East standings on the Green Monster scoreboard have been replaced with Northeast Division standings.


Your favorite hockey blogger on the ice at Fenway Park