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Link Chowder 2/12


Serving up the best links of the week from all across the newfangled interwebs

"It would be hilarious if Montreal missed the playoffs" [Puck Daddy]

Islanders introduce the Free T-Shirt Gatling Gun [Barry Melrose Rocks]

In other Islanders news, could the Islanders challenge Doug Heffernan for the title of "King of Queens"? [YourNabe found via From the Rink]

"Joe Thornton" gives out advice on life (Language NSFW) [Melt Your Face Off found via Mass Hysteria]

Embarassing pictures of Daniel Alfredsson surface on Facebook. I his defense, he thought that those pictures would only be seen in Sweden..."vrooom vroom party starter"....and yes, I did recycle that line from the joke I made during yesterday's Hockey  Rumors Live Chat on Puck Daddy. [Puck Daddy] 

John Buccigross plays the NHL Mount Rushmore Game [ESPN]

Blades the Bruin is getting himself mixed up with Washington politicians [Puck Daddy]

Help Mirtle with his quest to find photos of NHLers playing ping pong [From the Rink]

A toddler hockey fight or the Islanders tryout for a new decide. Who says that kids imitate what they see their NHL idols do? [Tasty Booze found via Hugging Harold Reynolds]