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Talkin' Trades: How the Wild West could affect the NHL Trade Deadline


As of right now every team in the Western Conference has a shot at making the playoffs and the parity in the West could have a major impact on the deals that are made as the March 4th NHL trade deadline approaches. Teams that were once thought to be sellers now might hold on their expring contracts in hopes of making a playoff run. With several NHL franchises struggling to maintain profitablity and relevance, the increase in revenue and brand power that goes along with making the playoffs may outweigh the future benefits of a deadline deal. I also think that we will see less trades in the days leading up to deadline day, so teams can have more time to see if they have a real shot at making the post-season. With points being at a premium in the West, we probably won't see many intra-conference trades between Western Conference teams.

Western Conference
Team GP Pts
1. San Jose 57 89
2. Detroit 60 86
3. Calgary 59 76
4. Chicago 58 76
5. Vancouver 59 68
6. Columbus 60 66
7. Dallas 58 65
8. Minnesota 58 64
9. Edmonton 59 63
10. Anaheim 61 63
11. Nashville 60 60
12. Los Angeles 58 59
13. Phoenix 60 59
14. St. Louis 59 58
15. Colorado 60 57