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SB Nation forms partnership with Yahoo! Sports


SB Nation has formed a partnership with Yahoo! Sports. As part of the agreement, stories from SB Nation's blogs will be linked to from related content on Yahoo! Sports. Posts from Stanley Cup of Chowder are now featured on the Yahoo! Sports Boston Bruins page. Yahoo! users will also be able to log in and comment on SB Nation blogs using Yahoo! IDs.

This is obviously a major move for Stanley Cup of Chowder and SB Nation as a whole. The partnership will likely mean more traffic and reader involvement on the this site.

I would like to welcome all new readers that have found this site via Yahoo! and encourage you to leave comments and get involved by utilizing the great tools that SB nation has developed such as open threads, FanPosts (your own space to write blog entries), and FanShots (post interesting links, videos, quotes, etc.). SB Nation has a Welcome Guide that explains how our sites work in greater detail.

I want Stanley Cup of Chowder to be a place where hockey fans can come together to discuss the Bruins. Hockey is something that people are very passionate about and there are bound to be disagreements. When these disagreements arise please be respectful of each other and keep the topic to hockey. Name calling or slurs of any kind will not be tolerated. Also, please don't troll here. If you can follow these simple guidelines, I know you will enjoy being a member of the close-knit fan community that is being devoloped here at Stanley Cup of Chowder and SB Nation.

If you have been around this site for a a while, please join me in welcoming the new readers into our little community of hockey krishnas and puckheads or as I have taken to call you, "Chowdah Heads".

So the new readers can get a better feel for what this site is all about, I thought I would link to a few of my favorite posts:

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For more on the Yahoo! partnership and SB Nation, read the official announcement .