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Trade Deadline Update with James Murphy: Could the B's be in the market for Pronger or Bouwmeester?

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Nation NHL Trade Deadline

From now until next Wednesday's NHL Trade Deadline, Bruins beat writer James Murphy will be giving updates on what he is hearing regarding possible moves by the Bruins and throughout the NHL. 

"Talking to sources today the Bruins are very much in play for a variety of deals. The question is: Will they make a splash or just dip in? If they can do the former without completely turning the roster upside down then they do it. This means maybe dealing for a Chris Pronger or Jay Bouwmeester (who they would very much like and have had numerous discussions with Florida on). As of now, Phil Kessel has to be involved in a deal for either Pronger or Bouwmeester.

The report out of the Denver Post regarding a possible three-way deal with Colorado and Pittsburgh has some legs in the sense that the Bruins are looking into Leopold and Svatos. They may also have interest in the gritty Ian Laperierre.

Also mentioned in that deal was Ryan Whitney and Jordan Staal. Not hearing them linked to the Bruins, but both are in play and Whitney is going to be moved."

- James Murphy