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Trade Deadline Update w/ James Murphy: Pronger down to B's and "mystery team"

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Bruins beat writer James Murphy will be giving updates on what he is hearing regarding possible moves by the Bruins and throughout the NHL as we approach next Wednesday's NHL Trade Deadline.

"Sources are telling me that the Ducks are very much leaning towards dealing away Pronger and that the Bruins are indeed in the mix. In fact, one source claimed it was down to Boston and a mystery team this source could not reveal. Bruins forward Phil Kessel is apparently the coveted centerpiece of a return from Boston if they were to acquire Pronger. There would also be a top prospect, and first or second round pick in this June’s NHL Entry Draft.

On the flip side, the Ducks could be setting their defense up for Niedermayer possibly retiring in the summer or maybe being dealt away in the next five days. Or maybe Pronger is dealt at the draft? Again, this is all hearsay, but some of the dots seem to be connecting here."

- James Murphy