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The Bizarre Bench Behavior of Marc Savard

With the Bruins off until Thursday, I needed to come up with some throw away filler content for the site. Like any hack blogger, I headed straight for YouTube. What I found were a couple of video clips of Marc Savard displaying some rather unusual behavior while waiting for his turn to jump over the boards.

In this first clip, Savard appears to be caressing his hockey stick and whispering sweet nothings to it. I think he actually drops an L-Bomb at one point.

At least Savvy knows when to draw the line, unlike Tyler Kennedy.

Further proof that Don Cherry is truly Canada's national treasure: "Now Listen, you kids...I want you to be like Marc, take it in your bedroom and love them...As Marc said, you take care of your stick and your stick will take care of you." Coming this fall to high school health classes across Canada, it's "Grapes' Guide to Sex Education Volume 1: Your Stick and You".

Since Don Cherry was so enamored with Savvy's stick and the way he treats "her", Marc was nice enough to send Grapes an autographed stick.

This last video is Marc Savard during his days with the Atlanta Thrashers celebrating a goal in unusual fashion.

Suggestion for Randy Moller for Marc Savard goal calls: "There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti!"