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The Laziest Game Preview in the History of This Site

I am away this weekend, so I have scheduled posts to automatically go up on the site. Since I wrote this before the Devils played their game against the Minnesota Wild on Friday night, I figured that any stats that I put up would be outdated by the time you read it. Instead of doing my normal game preview, I am going to mail this one in. If any of  my readers are feeling ambitious and want to write a real preview of this game, feel free to write one as a FanPost.




Sunday, March 22nd


TD Banknorth Garden

Only X points (between 3 and 5 depending on the outcome of Friday night's game between the Devils and Wild) separate the Bruins and Devils in the Eastern Conference standings so this is a HUGE game for both teams.

For your viewing pleasure, here is footage of one of the first meetings between a Bostonian gentleman and a group of New Jersey residents (Language NSFW):


The open thread will go on as scheduled starting at 2:00 on Sunday.

For more on the Devils and probably a more in-depth (but less entertaining) preview, check out In Lou We Trust