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Shameless Self-Promotion Round 2: A Call to Arms to All Yankee Haters

Stanley Cup of Chowder has advanced to the 2nd round of Zoner Sports "Best Sports Blog Name" contest. This round I am up against 3:10 to Joba, a site named after the tubby Yankees pitcher in the cowardly lion costume pictured below.


I wasn't going to promote this second round match-up on the front page, but since 3:10 to Joba went and turned it into a Boston-New York rivalry thing, I had to respond.

"We're up against a hockey blog called Stanley Cup of Chowder this time, so if we were to lose, at least we can say it was to a manly sport and not some mincy game like soccer. It is a Boston Bruins blog though, so get your rivalry engines warmed up and delve into that Boston hate to advance us again."

3:10 to Joba

So whether you hate the Yankees or just think Stanley Cup of Chowder is a far more superior name than 3:10 to Joba, head over to Zoner Sports and VOTE.