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Link Chowder 4/10


Serving up the best links of the week from all across the newfangled interwebs

Don't forget to vote for Stanley Cup of Chowder in the Final Four of The Best Sports Blog Name tourney. I am in a very close battle with Pippen Ain't Easy (in my opinion, one of the best names in the field) [Zoner Sports]

Puck The Media did a great two part interview with NESN play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards [Part 1] [Part 2]

Mike Ribiero's crazy shootout goal [YouTube]

Girls Guide to Choosing Your Stanley Cup Team: Boston Bruins [Puck Daddy]

BU's Matt Gilroy wants to see the Bruins fail to spite his roommate [Puck Daddy]

Some sick bastard actually compiled a list of the some of the most gruesome injuries in hockey history [Gunaxin]

NHL 09 is so realistic [Sports and The City]

Longtime NHL referee Don Koharski no longer has to stay in game shape and can finally enjoy "another donut" [Tampa Bay Online]

Jeremy Jacobs and the Boston Bruins organization will not confirm rumors that the 2010 Winter Classic will be at Fenway Park. Kevin Paul Dupont is reporting that it is pretty much a done deal and the opponent would be either the Philadelphia Flyers or Washington Capitals [Boston Globe]

Bruins attendance up close to 10% this season [Puck Money]

Both Celine Dion and the founder of Circue du Soleil are interesting in buying the Montreal Canadiens. The jokes would write themselves if either of these scenarios happened. [Yahoo!]

Hey there Iginla, what's it like in Calgary? [Matchsticks and Gasoline]

Chemmy is pumped that BU is heading to the NCAA Championship game [Pension Plan Puppets]

A classic TV commercial for Atari Ice Hockey featuring the late great Phil Hartman: