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Fightin' Words from Big Georges

It looks like Montreal Canadiens enforcer Georges Laraque is trying to stir the pot before this series gets underway. Laraque did an interview in French with radio station CKAC in Montreal. According to Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun, Laraque implied that Shawn Thornton is afraid of him and out of his league when it comes to the rough stuff.

According to Zeisberger's translation, this is what Laraque said:

On Shawn Thornton:
"When we dropped the gloves in Montreal, I fell. I'm out of his league. He's way too small for me. Actually, some of his teammates told me he was shaking in his boots before the game. He really didn't want to face me. If he wants to dance in Boston it will be my pleasure to go with him. I'll make sure the crowd quiets down really fast."

On the B's-Habs series:
"Of course I'd like to also fight with Milan Lucic and Zdeno Chara but I have to be careful. In the playoffs they'll eject you immediately."

On the last meeting of the regular season:
"I have never seen a team get roughed-up as badly as the Bruins roughed us up last week," Laraque continued. "I'm sure that if they play that kind of hockey during the playoffs, guys will get suspended. I understand why they played that way. They didn't want to face us in the first round. They wanted to face the Panthers."