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Link Chowder 5/29


Serving up the best links of the week from all across the newfangled interwebs

Pittsburgh fish market bans the sale of octopi to Detroit Red Wings fans [Mondesi's House]

"How Conan O'Brien ruined the Stanley Cup Finals" [Deadspin]

Puck Daddy's No-Foil Stanley Cup Replica Contest [Puck Daddy]

How to survive the latest NHL '09 updates without damaging your dignity (or controller) [Cycle like the Sedins]

Phillips Andover's Chris Kreider has been writing about his experience at the NHL Scouting Combine for New England Hockey Journal [NE Hockey Journal]

The Islanders have been very busy this week at the NHL Scouting Combine [Lighthouse Hockey]

Habs try to woo Kovalev into staying with the promise of the "C" [TSN]

Is Oren Koules selling off Lightning property on craigslist to finance Saw 7? [Raw Charge]

Henrik Zetterberg's job interview [Puck Daddy]